LNG nieuws Nederland

The LNG-powered coastal tanker Sefarina performed on Monday a bunkering operation in Belgium’s Port of Antwerp.

Port-of-Antwerp-LNG-320x213Chemgas Shipping’s Sefarina is the first ship to obtain a particulates discount, and also the first seagoing vessel to be bunkered with LNG in the port by the truck-to-ship method, the Port of Antwerp said in a statement.


Bunkering with the chilled gas has already been possible in the port for some time, but so far it has been used only for two LNG-powered barges, the Argonon and the Greenstream.


The liquefied natural gas was sourced from Fluxys-operated Zeebrugge terminal and pumped into Sefarina by LNG tank trucks of Schenk Tanktransport.


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Shell to fuel Aida Cruises’ LNG liners


Image courtesy of Aida Cruises


Aida Cruises informed that it has signed an LNG supply deal with Shell for its two LNG-powered cruise ships, the AIDAprima and AIDAperla.

Shell already said before that Aida Cruises parent company, Carnival had signed up to buy LNG for in-port power consumption by AIDAprima cruise vessel, that set off yesterday from the Port of Rotterdam.


Under the contract, Shell becomes Aida Cruises’ exclusive strategic partner in all ports that provide LNG bunkering.





According to the company’s statement, preparations are underway in ports of Hamburg, Southampton, Le Havre, Rotterdam and Zeebrügge where the vessels will bunker using the truck-to-ship method.



Maarten Wetselaar, Integrated Gas Director, Royal Dutch Shell said during a speech in Perth last week that one cruise liner with 7,000 to 8,000 people on board can use the same amount of fuel as a small city with a population of around 30,000.


The AIDAprima cruise ship was built by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and delivered in March and is expected to reach Hamburg on April 21.

It is scheduled to commence its first regular cruise from Hamburg on April 30 while the christening will take place on May 7 in the port of Hamburg.


The vessel has 18 decks, is 300 meters in overall length, and has a gross tonnage of 125,000 tons.

AIDAprima’s sister ship, AIDAperla is currently under construction at the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and is expected to be delivered in 2017.


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