Safety Valve Type 06810, Type 06815

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Safety Valve

Type 06810, Type 06815

The stainless steel Safety Valve 06810 and 06815 has been tested according to TÜV-SV.1130. S/G/L. Provided as angle type Safety Valve for protection against excessive pressure in gas cylinders and pressure vessels. Approved for gases, vapours and liquids.


Insteldruk, werktemperatuur en aansluiting

30.0 bar up to 550.0 bar
-270°C up to +400°C

Technically easy to use
Comply with the correct certifications
Increase the security of your system
Increase the up-time of the installation
Keep control of the installation
Reduce costs

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Specificatie eigenschappen

The Safety Valves 06810 and 06815 are made from stainless steel and are angle type versions. These are metal to metal seated and the closed bonnet is “cleaned and degreased for oxygen service”. The Safety Valves come with a gastight cap or lifting device.

Inlet: male thread type G (BSPP) acc. to ISO 228/1
Outlet: female thread type G (BSPP) acc. to ISO 228/1

  • Part No. 06810.X.000000M (Pmax 16.0 bar)
    Part No. 06810.X.000000H (Pmax 550.0 bar) stellited version with gastight cap
  • Part No. 06815.X.000000M (Pmax 16.0 bar)
    Part No. 06815.X.000000H (Pmax 300.0 bar) stellited version with lifting device

Download the productsheet for all information about Safety Valve Type 06810 and Type 06815.


Available options – only on request:
– Flange, NPT or Tri-Clamp connection for input and output

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