Safety Valve

Type 06395

The bronze Type 06395 Safety Valve is provided as an angle type version against excessive pressure in pressure vessels and steam boilers. It comes in 5 various models and is tested according to TÜV-SV.910.


Insteldruk, werktemperatuur en aansluiting

0.5 bar up to 25.0 bar
-50°C up to +225°C

Technically easy to use
Comply with the correct certifications
Increase the security of your system
Increase the up-time of the installation
Keep control of the installation
Reduce costs

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Specificatie eigenschappen

The Type 06395 Safety Valve has an open bonnet, a lifting device and enlarged outlet. The in- and outlet of the Safety Valve consists of a female thread type G (BSPP) acc. to ISO 228/1. The certified Safety Valve comes in five different versions, each with its own specifications.


Use the Type 06395 Safety Valve within the following applications:

Sterilizers, Compressed Air Systems, Industrial Canteen Kitchen, Fermenter / Bioreactor, Steam Boiler / Generator, Fire Extinguishing Systems, Sweets / Chocolate Production, Mixer for Pharmaceutical Vessels, Cleaning Machines, Ironing Machines.


Download the productsheets to see all the information about the Type 06395 Safety Valve.

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