HEROSE – Series expansion to DN 100

Top-Entry-Valve Type 01420 

Until now, the Top-Entry-Valve was available in nominal diameters DN 15 to DN 50. Now the series has been expanded to the nominal diameters of DN  65, DN 80 and DN 100.

With a Top- Entry-Valve, the complete top part can be pulled out of the fitting upwards.


Air separation plants and double-walled piping systems with insulation, air gases, vapours and cryogenic gases (operating temperatures from – 196° to + 120°  C)


Customer benefit:
During the maintenance of the cone or top section, the insulation is not damaged as the bolts of the head piece are located outside the insulation. As a result, the customer has a saving in material, costs and time


Datasheet Type 01420






HEROSE Top-Entry-Valve Type 01420