Herose – Replacement during running operation

Diverter-Plug-Valve Type 7111  

The Diverter-Plug-Valve allows safety valves to be replaced or maintained, also during operation of the pressure vessel.

The valve, a so-called plug valve is used ideally on upright tanks for cryogenic liquefied air gases as maintenance fitting for the assembly of safety valves and bursting disks. This combination protects the vessel against an excessive increase of pressure.


For upright tanks for the storage of cryogenic liquefied gases (operating temperatures from – 196° to + 120°C ).


Customer benefit:

  • higher volumetric flow
  • compact design, less space requirement and a low weight
  • overhauling of the safety valves during running operation
  • increased safety during maintenance work on the safety valve due to the plug design

Datasheet Type 7111


HEROSE Diverter-Plug-Valve Type 7111