HEROSE – Now available made from bronze

CombiPressure-Regulator Type 4182 CombiPressure-Regulator Type 4182

Until today, the regulator was only made of stainless steel, now it is being manufactured from bronze which extends its field of application by, e. g. oxygen application.

When extracting the product, the combined or pressure build-up regulator should keep the tank at a pre-set tank pressure. For the pressure build-up function, the HEROSE CombiPressureregulator is also equipped with a pressure reduction/pressure relief function as well as a safety function.


All tank vessels for cryogenic liquefied gases (operating temperatures from – 196° to + 60°  C)


Customer benefit:

  • Increase in safety and significantly less effort for repairs due to less downtimes
  • Now also suitable for oxygen applications

Datasheet Type 4182






HEROSE CombiPressure-Regulator Type 4182