Safety Valve

Type 06380

The brass angle type Safety Valve has been tested according to TÜV-SV.1130. Provided as an angle type version against overpressure in gas cylinders and pressure vessels.


Set pressure and working temperature

3.0 bar up to 25.0 bar
-10°C up to +185°C

Technically easy to use
Comply with the correct certifications
Increase the security of your system
Increase the up-time of the installation
Keep control of the installation
Reduce costs

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Product features

The Type 06380 Safety Valve has a soft valve seal, open bonnet and lifting device. The in- and outlet has a female thread typ G (BSSP) according to ISO 228/1.

There are three models of the 06380:

  • Part No. 06380.X.0000 with FPM valve seal for air and similar gases;
  • Part No. 06380.X.0300 with PTFE valve seal for air and similar gases and saturated steam from 2.0 up to 10.0 bar;
  • Part No. 06380.X.0600 with EPDM valve seal for air and similar gases and steam from 0.2 up to 8.0 bar (saturated steam only to 3 bar).

Use the Type 06380 Safety Valve within the following applications:

Sterilizers, Tempering Unit, Distillation Unit, Industrial Canteen Kitchen, Vehicle Construction, Metal Cleaning Units, Polyurethan Plants, Ironing Machines, Steam Boiler, Industrial Coffee Machines.


Download the productsheet to see all the information about this Safety Valve and its various models.

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